Recipe: Sacred Heart Walking Tacos

Yesterday was the Feast of the Sacred Heart!

I’ve personally had a crazy week, but all I say is thank God for Octaves.  They are the disorganized housewife’s way to still make the living the Liturgical Year possible.
For you non-Catholics out there, you may be asking a few questions.  I’ll try to answer…
What is an Octave? An Octave is an Eight Day celebration, a complete week.  So, for example, the Octave Day of Christmas is New Year’s Day. Christmas, the days in between and New Year’s Day are all considered part of the Christmas Octave.  It’s kind of like the movie Eight Crazy Nights, but the Catholic version.  The major feast days have Octaves.  Even if a certain holiday does not have an Octave, we make one because of my husband’s crazy work schedule, because of my inability to plan, because life gets in the way.
What is the Liturgical Year? The Liturgical Year is pretty much the calendar of the Catholic Church.  We celebrate Christmas on Christmas and Easter on Easter but then extend a lot around those.  For example, St. John the Baptist was born six months before Jesus, so we celebrate his birthday June 24th, six months before Christmas.  (And I have no idea why we celebrate St. John the Baptist’s birthday on June 24th and not 25th.)
So, since yesterday was the Feast of the Sacred Heart, I will share my recipe for Sacred Heart Walking Tacos.  We ate them today as a picnic in the park.

cooked ground beef
grated cheddar cheese
Rotel or salsa, or a homemade version
pretzel sticks
corn chips

Cook ground beef to liking.  (Add taco seasoning if that’s your thing.  We put in onions and a bit of cheese we grated.)  Shape the ground beef like a heart, or cheat like I did and put it in a heart shaped cake pan.
Make the cheddar cheese a flame.  (I totally would have grated it myself, but as I said it’s been a crazy week.)
Arrange pretzel sticks to make Crown of Thorns across Heart.
Add Rotel or Salsa to make heart look red.
Arrange corn chips around Heart.  I use blue corn chips because blue corn is not GMO (yet).  (The oil that they’re fried in is GMO.)
Take a picture of your work and then let everyone dig in.

Oh, let me make sure to give credit where credit is due.  I was inspired by this recipe, but made it beef since my husband does not like cream cheese.

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