Avoiding the All Souls Day Scramble

Are you familiar with the All Souls Day Scramble? A typical All Souls Day goes like this: Weeks ahead, Father will announce that there are sheets in the Church lobby on which to put the names of those faithful departed. Other Catholic organizations will mail you ample papers requesting the names of souls, too. Then there is my scramble. I usually forget to mail the list into the organization. I may have prepared it, but I forget to mail it. Either way, these poor souls do not get their Mass. As far as the sheets at my parish, I may fill them out, forgetting about 75% of those poor souls. In the car on the way, I may think, ‘oh, I need to put down Suzy Jones’, but when I get to Church, that is a different story. Usually, I will still be thinking of forgotten names until Lent.

November second is All Souls Day. It is the day (well the month, actually) when the faithful pray for our faithful departed. There are special graces for this. Most parishes have an All Souls Day Mass or even a novena of Masses which are offered for those souls which we parishioners designate.

A few years ago, I found a way to avoid the All Souls Day Scramble.  I typed a list of these faithful departed souls on my computer. I saved it. I printed out two copies, one for my parish’s Masses and one for that other Catholic organization. (For the record, these were mailed in a timely fashion this year.) I now have it on my computer, ready to be added to throughout the year, and ready again for next year to avoid the All Souls Scramble.

Eternal rest grant onto them, O Lord, and may Your perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God forever rest in peace. Amen.Catholic Organization


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