Use a Baby Trend Car Seat to Make More Space- Works-for-Me-Wednesday 3, 10/28/15

Do you need a new infant car seat?  If you do, consider the Baby Trend Infant Car Seat.

First, let me make some disclaimers: I’m not a car seat safety certified technician or an expert.  The car seat decision that you make for your children should be yours and you shouldn’t blindly listen to someone on the internet.

The main advantage to the Baby Trend Infant Car Seat is that it is the only infant seat (that I’m aware of) that actually specified in the owner’s manual that it’s OK to use on a shopping cart.  It is also a relatively small infant seat, so it takes up less room in the car than some others.  (You should always use your own discretion here and also be mindful that the seat doesn’t make the cart top heavy and unstable. But as far as using the car seat on the cart, with the locking clips, the Baby Trend won’t shouldn’t fall off.)

We've belonged to Sam's for a few years and a few kids ago.

An old picture, but you get the idea. My Vince in the infant car seat is now four.

(For the record, I have read that the Baby Trend Car Seat straps do not adjust small enough for most newborn babies.  This is not an issue for me because I have ten pounders.  It’s something you should also research for yourself, but I’d be remiss not to tell you this. )

In case you’re like me and have six six and under or some large amount of little children like that, putting the car seat up on the shopping cart saves a lot of space that can used for other children or groceries.  Again, let me reiterate that most infant car seats aren’t designed to safely do this, but the Baby Trend is. Above all, you should do your own research and come to your own conclusions for your own children.


I liked the Baby Trend so much (because of this feature) that when a drunk driver totaled my minivan two years ago and the insurance company replaced my car seats, I chose another Baby Trend. This is last fall, before Baby6 was born.

Works-for-Me-Wednesday, 10/28/15- Use a Baby Trend Infant Car Seat up on the cart to make more room for your groceries and other children.

If you do decide on the Baby Trend, here is my affiliate link for Amazon.


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