Use the Parking Lot Path- Works-for-Me-Wednesday 1, 9/23/2015

As a mother of six six and under living in an extremely rural area, I’ve learned a few things along the way to make life easier. It’s very hard to live in a rural area about 100 miles from real stores and real doctors.  It’s very hard to have six six and under. Combining them is disastrous. I’ve learned a lot to make it easier. I will try to share a little tip every Wednesday. On Works-for-Me-Wednesdays, I hope to give you a brief tip that might help you on your journey.

Works-for-Me-Wednesday, 9/23/15- Use the parking lot path whenever possible.
I prefer to frequent store locations that have a walkway in between the car fronts.  It may be a false sense of security, but I feel that we’re less likely to get run over that way.  I will sometimes go to a different store that has their parking lot set up this way.  I will wait for a spot and park further away just to be able to use the “path”. (I am not a landscape architect and have no idea what those paths are really called.)

At Costco last week...

At Costco last week…

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