Goodbye Turkey Crossing

A few years ago some enterprising Hugo residents opened up a wonderful new restaurant in the town of Hugo.  Called the Turkey Crossing Cafe, the restaurant was “on the strip”, that is in the main area of Hugo’s main thoroughfare.

The Turkey Crossing Cafe was everything you could possibly want in a cafe.  They were in a historic but completely renovated building.  At over 100 years old, the building was a land office, a drug store, a teen recreation center, some miscellaneous restaurants and about everything else over the years.  The owners had taste- they renovated the building that everything was new, clean, tasteful and fresh, yet kept some of the historic aesthetics, like the original tile floor from the drug store.

The Turkey Crossing had absolutely delicious food!  The recipes were all their own. They handmade all their roles from scratch.  They cut and ground their hamburger meat from an actual side.  They cooked in pure peanut oil, so their oil was GMO free.  The fries were hand cut.  Just about everything was from scratch and absolutely delicious.  I had never had something there that wasn’t fresh, wasn’t tasty, or wasn’t for-real-homemade.

The Turkey Crossing had excellent prices.  Cost-wise they were cheaper than fast food but in reality incomparable. They were kind, family-friendly and small-town friendly.

All around the Turkey Crossing Cafe was the epitome of what a real restaurant should be.  They were classy, clean, friendly, inexpensive, for-real-homemade, etc.  I was proud to take visiting family members there.

The Turkey Crossing Cafe will be closing its doors this Friday for the last time.  This saddens me to no end.  The Turkey Crossing did everything right and they’re still closing. Hugo Colorado is not really known for its uniqueness.  Hugo is a little town on the prairie. We do have a grocery store, school, hardware store, grain elevator and a USDA office, but if you needed a pair of socks or a pair of jeans, you’re out of luck.  The Turkey Crossing Cafe was a bright spot here and now it’s gone.

The owner has promised us something bigger and better in the same spot.  I really hope he is successful.

Goodbye, Turkey Crossing.

My wonderful in-laws took our whole family out for lunch today.  I used my photo editor because they probably don't want their pictures on the world wide web.

My wonderful in-laws took our whole family out for lunch today at the Turkey Crossing Cafe. I used my photo editor because they probably don’t want their pictures on the world wide web.


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