Attach Small Clothing Items- Works -for-Me-Wednesday 2, 9/30/15

As a mother of six six and under living in an extremely rural area, I’ve learned a few things along the way to make life easier. It’s very hard to live in a rural area about 100 miles from real stores and real doctors.  It’s very hard to have six six and under. Combining them is disastrous. I’ve learned a lot to make it easier. I will try to share a little tip or hack every Wednesday. On Works-for-Me-Wednesdays, I hope to give you a brief tip that might help you on your journey.

wfmw9.30.15Works-for-Me-Wednesday, 9/30/15- Attach small clothing items to each other whenever possible.
Eight people live in my house. Since all eight of us wear clothes, we have a lot of laundry. I have tried to simplify my huge mountains of laundry wherever I can. I try to attach small items together. Attaching things together keeps baby outfit pieces from getting lost and separated, with all the pieces never to be seen in the same spot again until baby is in the next size.(Ask me how I know.) Unless the clothes are very stained, attaching them for the wash cycle will still get them clean. They will take a little longer to dry and may have to be repositioned, but for me it’s worth it so they don’t get lost. I even keep the outfit pieces attached when they are stored in the closet so they don’t separate again. This also makes it easier for husbands or grandparents to know what pieces go together.  For example, if there is an overall strap, I loop it through the sleeve of the shirt so that both the overalls and short stay together. I also frequently use snaps on baby undershirts or baby pants to loop the outfit pieces together.   Attaching small clothing items together works for me!

IMG_20150929_174536 IMG_20150929_174603

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