Avoiding the Church Collection Scramble

We donate to our church. (We actually donate to two parishes since we attend two parishes [the local Novus Ordo parish and the further away Latin Mass Parish].)  I can guarantee you that our donation amounts have never been very high, but we still try to contribute something. The weekly church collection used to be very stressful.  I’ve eliminated this stress and I’m going to tell you how.

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How can donating to a church can be stressful?  
I would forget a pen.
I would forget an envelope.
I would forget a check.
I would ready our offering ahead of time and leave it all in the car. Or home.
My child would have a screaming fit during the Offertory and need to be taken out so I’d miss the usher.
My child would have explosive poop during the Offertory and need to be taken out so I’d miss the usher.
And above all, it was one more thing to remember in my already overloaded mind, trying to get a bunch of littles out the door.



The key to eliminating this weekly stress from my life comes from the computer.  It’s called online bill pay.  My bank, probably like yours, sends checks to whomever I specify for

Another totally stolen picture

free. I don’t have to even pay for stamps. It’s a little bit difficult at first to enter the address in, but that’s a one time thing and then it takes two clicks to pay.  I mail each church our tithe  (Tithe is a strong word. We’re not anywhere near 10%.) whenever we do our bills.  It’s in the same breath as the two clicks to pay the electric company.

Problem solved.  I don’t have to stress. I don’t have to worry. I can concentrate on Mass. I can unite my intentions to the priest’s at the Offertory (or just try to keep my kids from screaming). And my churches still get supported. It’s a win-win!

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