The Ugly Linoleum of the Year Award

We’re in the middle of doing some home improvements.  Every time we have done some work in this house, we discover “new” linoleum.

My house is old- built in 1906- a mere 20 years or less since Little House on the Prairie times. I’m not sure what the styles were back in the day. I’m assuming that linoleum- battleship indestructible linoleum- was all the rage at some point.  If that’s the case, than this house was oh-so-trendy.  There was ugly linoleum in all the rooms- even the bedrooms.  (Of course there wasn’t linoleum in the mud room, where I think it would make most sense to have it.)

Today, we ripped out a kitchen cabinet and found a “new” type of linoleum.  I am humbly submitting this linoleum into the Ugly Linoleum of the YearAward Contest.

So here you go!  What do you think?  I think I should also get extra bonus points for that fantabulous tile-look wallpaper.

We found some "new" linoleum today.

We found some “new” linoleum today.

You may remember last year when we cleaned out our basement and fixed our foundation with shotcrete that we found some linoleum on the basement floor, too.  Although this linoleum is now gone, you can remember it here now with me, in all of its splendor.

We are stylin'!

This layered linoleum is gone but not forgotten.

And don’t forget that almost three years ago now, we put new carpet in almost the entire house. When we tore up those old carpets, we got a glimpse at a lot of linoleum. It’s all gone or covered now, but it’s worth remembering.

I’m not sure if they offer The Ugly Linoleum of the Year Award or even who “they” are.  But, if they do, then I’m sure this house will win hands down.  (Of course, if it was back in the day, it would win The Really Trendy Linoleum of the Year Award instead.)

So without further ado, brace yourself for some more really ugly linoleum…

This is not berber-type carpet- this is actually linoleum in a design to look like berber. Notice the glitter specs in it too, and the oh-so-lovely pink and green design.

This is a zoom out of all that, um, trendy berber design linoleum. This was in the living room/ dining room.

I really don’t have words to describe this one. This was on the floor of the room we call the library.

This is the kids’ room, view one…

The kids’ room, view two…

My room…

My room, a closeup view. Notice the glittery spots…

I am thirty-something year old Jersey girl living in a little house the prairie.  I’d like to know if I’m missing something.  Is this linoleum all the rage?  There are pretty hardwood floors underneath all these… sigh…

I’d like you to let me know -if you had to pick just one- which one would be the winner of The Ugly Linoleum of the Year Award?  Or again, am I just missing something, and do you actually like these patterns?

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  • Erin says:

    Wow… I’d have to say the berber one is pretty heinous! Sure isn’t fooling anyone!
    I’ve seen a lot of terrible linoleum but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen one printed with carpet.

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