There’s Only So Much To Cut

Today I came across this blogpost
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from Fabulessly Frugal.  The gist of the blogpost is that the author called up her mobile phone, internet and satellite providers and had them lower her monthly service charges.  She will save $1000 this year from the combined total savings.  OK, great, however, while I’m happy that she is saving $1000 per year and that strategy may work for some, it won’t work for all.

The bottom-line of what I’m saying here is that there’s only so much to cut.  Yes, there’s only so much to cut.  I’ve been struggling with this issue when I read money saving tips from Dave Ramsey, Fabulessly Frugal and similar places.  They have great money saving tips, but they don’t work for everyone.  They don’t work for me.

We’ll take the example of the above mentioned blogpost.
*We already don’t have satellite and, honestly, have no desire to.  We’ve never had a satellite bill during our marriage.
*We have the cheapest phones we can find.  We have Wal-mart Family Mobile (through T-Mobile) service.  Both of our phones have unlimited talk and text and the bill is about $55 total per month.  I used to have a pre-paid, but this is actually cheaper.  For on-the-go internet access, I use my kindle and grub stores’ wi-fi.
*Because we live in such a rural area, our available internet services are limited.  We’ve periodically gone through the two or three options available to us and have concluded that our internet now is the best deal available to us.  It’s not the best price if you compare it to what’s available in metropolitan areas, but for out here it is.  The internet is a necessity for us, which is another expense of living out here.

Sure, I’d love to cut from our budget, but where can I cut?  We heat exclusively with wood, so we don’t have a heating bill.  I’m super frugal with our meals.  Our house is small already and cannot be downsized.  Our vehicles are older and paid off.  We rotate vehicles to save as much gas as we can. I have shopped for the cheapest car and homeowners insurance.  I shop in thrift stores and at garage sales when I can, but sometimes I do buy new clothes for the kids because sometimes it’s cheaper.  We don’t have many gadgets.  We cloth diaper. We dress like ragamuffins sometimes. We hardly eat out. I exclusively hang clothes on the clothesline and do not use the dryer. We use googlevoice to make long distance calls. Kevin cuts the kids’ hair.

There’s really no where to cut the budget.

A part of me gets frustrated over this. Every time I see some money-saving tip, like the one above, and it doesn’t apply.  I really have no where to cut.

I’m sure there are others in my situation.  I don’t know what I can suggest to you, to cut where there is no where to cut.  Let me know if you find out.  I’m all ears.

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  • Loyda says:

    I feel your pain.. We have cut and cut and cut… Although our entertainment is cable. People are always throwing out cut your auto insurance but I just can’t do it.. I feel the minute I do that then we will really need it. Plus we still have one that is financed and you have to have full coverage.. The Prudent Homemakers website has a great article on cutting expenses when you think you have nothing left to cut… Its something I visit regularly for inspiration.

    • Laura says:

      Thank you, so much for stopping by, Loyda!
      I will definitely check out Prudent Homemakers, I’ve never been there before.
      Every time I shop around for insurance, it confirms we already have the best deal.

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