Don’t Listen to Bloggers

I am a blogger.  On this particular blog, I hope that you can laugh with me (not at me) in my journey from Jersey girl to prairie farmer’s wife. I learn every day.  I die to myself every day.  I share some of it with you.

I love my computer.  My little house on the prairie has four walls, four walls in the middle of the lonely prairie.  On my computer, I can do some of my grocery and Christmas shopping, learn a new recipe, and educate myself (a bit).

Although I can say that all-in-all, the computer has enriched our lives, I wanted to caution you on something… Don’t believe everything you read.  Take everything with a grain of salt. Do your own research. As much information is out there, there is almost an equal amount of misinformation.  

I’m a housewife from New Jersey. Sure I have a BS degree, but what this really means is that I know jack.  There are tons of other bloggers out there (whose blogs and posts get a lot more traffic than mine) and I can bet that a lot of them aren’t scientists either.  So when you read on a blog or a forum that A definitely causes B, chances are that the author is shooting from her hips.

It seems bloggers make these outlandish statements when it comes to a lot of topics that I’m interested in.  Things like parenting and discipline, breastfeeding, natural child rearing and attachment parenting, GMOs, vaccines, cancer and nutrition, organics, soy, etc. I’m telling you, in a lot of cases they are giving anecdotal evidence or shooting from their hips.

I tend to write things on my blog like “This is what works for me.” or “This seems like a plausible theory.” I really try not to contribute to the misinformation problem.  Let me know if I do.

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  And this is my philosophy.  I take all the information and misinformation and try to weed through it.  When I need to make a decision for my family, I make it using principles of God, nature and good ol’ common sense. This is my advice to you, too…. make your family decisions based on the principles of God, nature and common sense.

If some blogger said it, all that means is that she has an internet connection and the freedom of speech.  It doesn’t make her right.  Remember this always.

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