Prairie Fourth of July

Photo credit: Kevin The fireworks in Hugo are awesome!

Photo credit: Kevin
The fireworks in Hugo are awesome!

Friday was the Fourth of July.  Hugo, Colorado, the local town, really goes all-out for the Fourth of July.

A relation, who lives in another state, was staying nearby.  She went over to my in-laws to visit.  I love all the relations, so I look forward to seeing them.  My wonderful in-laws invited me over to see her.  My oldest son, SonOne, got up and was then groggy. He was just mushy, just not right. He told me his tummy hurt and sure enough, he had to run.  At least everything ended up in proper places.  I was heartbroken.  We missed the relation’s visit.

It must have been an isolated incident.  SonOne seemed fine after that one specific incident.  We spent the morning hanging out on the couch and reading.  I actually kind of enjoyed hanging out like that, even though I hate when my kids are sick.  We did go to my in-laws where SomeOtherRelations were visiting by then.  I’m glad that I got to see SomeOtherRelations even though I didn’t see the first relation mentioned.  We went home and ate lunch.  My husband went out to the field.  He started cutting wheat.  My children napped.

I took the children to town for the “Free Swim” that they had for the Fourth of July.  They just went in their bathing suits.  (I’m pretty fearful of sunburn, so I make sure all of their shoulders and chests are covered.)  When we got there, the pool appeared closed.  There was lightning in the distance.
Note to Pool People: When you close the pool, put up a sign.  I don’t know how many times I’ve gone and it’s been closed.  A sign would be nice so I don’t have to guess.

We were all dressed up with no place to go and in town.  I took my kids to the playground.  At the playground, I ran into AnotherMother, who was there with her children.  She told me that the pool had closed because of the lightning.  I unbuckled my oldest four kids and let them go play.   I didn’t take the baby out of the van because there were a few drops of rain.  I closed the minivan door to make sure the oldest ones were into the playground area.  (I had my van pulled right up there.  It was not a dangerous situation, FYI.)

I turned around and tried to open the minivan door. Uh-oh.  It was locked.
All the doors were locked.
SonThree was locked in the van.
And so was my phone.

I asked AnotherMother to borrow her phone.  I first called Kevin to see if he had put a spare key anywhere on the outside of the minivan. Nope. Not yet.  We have only had that minivan 11 months.

So I called the Lincoln County Sheriff and explained the situation.
“What’s the call back number?” the dispatcher asked.
“I don’t know.  My phone is locked in the minivan, too.  I borrowed this phone from someone else. I don’t know the number.”
The dispatcher seemed not to get this.

There has been a lot of stories in the news lately of people leaving their babies in cars and then the babies die.   In the middle of all this awareness and campaigns, I had to go lock my baby in the minivan.  Way to go, Laura.  At least SonThree was smiling and seemed pretty happy, content and undisturbed. And at least it wasn’t too hot out. We had cloud cover.

It seemed like an eternity, but it was probably about a minute later when the Hugo Town Marshall Policelady came to break into my minivan.  A Deputy Sheriff Policeman came to help, too.  They were able to quickly open the minivan and SonThree was OK.  Phew.

Thank you so much to the policelady and policeman!  They rescued my son!

After SonThree was back safe in my arms, I called Kevin to tell him everything was OK.  He told me the little bit of rain was just enough rain to make the wheat too wet to cut.  He had to stop.  He was on his way to town in his pickup.

Back into carseats for four blocks, we met at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds.  We ate at the free barbecue there.  My kids had a blast running around.

The original relation was there!  It was so nice to see her!  I’m so happy that I got to see her, even though it was brief.

Kevin parked his pickup near the fence to have a good spot for later.

We left all together and went home.  We got the kids into their pajamas.

We got back to town back to the Fairgrounds.  We brought ice cream, glow sticks and camp chairs and headed back to our pickup which had one of the best spots for fireworks viewing.  We were still in a parking lot, a dark parking lot.  I am paranoid about my children being run over or kidnapped.  Last year we sat in the bleachers which was very hard to see in the dark.  This year, having the children kind of contained in the pickup bed was great!  It really helped me feel confident.  (I really can’t call it tailgating since our tailgate is broken.)

watching fireworks

The baby (SonThree) was in his car seat which was in the stroller which was right next to the pickup.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to call this a mom-top and make mom-tips a thing here on my blog.

Mom Tip Number One: When viewing something crowded and outdoors, keeping young children in a pickup bed keeps them more manageable.  They can’t run around the parking lot if they’re in a pickup bed.  They can also move around enough that they aren’t unnaturally cooped up (like in a stroller).  I recommend this for parades and fireworks and the like.  It’s a win-win.

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