Saturday Smidgen Series, Part Five: May 11, 2014

I’m a day late posting this and I missed last week.  It’s called life.

Today is Mother’s Day.  I hate Mother’s Day.  Really.  I hate all holidays.  There’s just too much for me to do.  I stick to basics, like laundry and cleanliness.  Preparing for a holiday is just too much to do.  I force myself to do things for religiously significant ones, like Christmas and some Feast Days.  I suppose that we could say Mother’s Day is significant because it’s in May and May is the Month of Mary and Mary is our heavenly Mother.  But other than that, no.  I wish my mother a happy Mother’s Day to keep a semblance of peace.  (I didn’t one year and there was heck to pay.  Lesson learned.)  Mother’s Day is a Sunday which means I still have an obligation to attend Mass.  Today we opted for a Novus Ordo hand holding good time since it’s only ten minutes away and Kevin has been putting crazy hours in the last few days at work.  My babies still poop on Mother’s Day and therefore need their diapers changed.  Mother’s Day is still a Sunday so it is still one of Kevin’s days to work.  I’ll take a clean house, clean laundry and clean butts.  Thanks.

You can see a flyer for a fishing derby below.  This is the second thing of this sort that we’ve received in the mail. The first was for some kind of “survivors” shindig with balloons. I think these types of things scare me almost more than the illness itself. Vince did have a brain tumor. We know that.  They removed the brain tumor in March and now two months later he is doing wonderfully.  I don’t consider my Vince seriously ill or a survivor.  I suppose he is.  That makes me cry.  Last Sunday he took Daddy’s shaving cream and decorated my new refrigerator.  That doesn’t seem seriously ill to me, does it to you?  I’m not in denial.  I just don’t want his brain tumor to define him or to define our family.  Vince is still my baby.  (And, no, we’re not able to attend these types of shindigs because they’re all in the Denver area two hours away and Kevin works evenings and weekends.  Even if they were five minutes away and Kevin was off, I really don’t know how I feel about them.)

Does he look seriously ill?

Does he look seriously ill?

I’m in love with Mouse the Pig.  I really am.  She is the sweetest thing, although I still get nervous around her.  She follows me around sometimes.

Sometimes you just got an itch...

Sometimes you just got an itch…

Kevin installed the gate that I built onto the goat yard.  It is awesome and I’m loving having a real gate there.  As you can see, I use pretty much all scrap and used wood.  I did use a new piece of wood for the diagonal support and the bottom piece.  He used posts that were already laying around here.  We had to buy hinges and a latch.  A gate with mostly used wood was still about $23.00 for just the hardware and I’m not sure how much the wood was.

The bottom shows the gate open.  The top shows the gate closed.  My kids are good gate models, don't you think?

The bottom shows the gate open. The top shows the gate closed. My kids are good gate models, don’t you think?

I finally saw the actual town of Arriba.  I had never been.

You can say that again, Arriba.

No Man’s Land?  You can say that again, Arriba.

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