I took this picture today.

I really don’t think that my son’s hand is in his nose. It just looks that way.

Of course my children are cute, which is why I took the picture. These are my three oldest. But as I was looking at the pictures as I was loading them on the computer, I remembered that this red fiberglass Loomix tub has a history, a history that I’ll share with you.

Right now the Loomix tub is serving very well as a photo prop and tumbleweed catcher, as you can see above.

I save it for use as my brooder. While I don’t think it is quite waterproof anymore, it serves as a fine brooder and has over the many batches of new baby chicks here at Laura’s little farm on the prairie. I have even received compliments on my brooder when I have sold some baby chicks. (A brooder is a container to keep baby chicks warm and contained, just an FYI.)


This is a view inside the Loomix tub brooder the last time we had baby chicks, February-ish 2013.

So, where, you might ask, did the brooder come from? The previous owners of this property left a lot of junk useable farm things on the property. The Loomix tub was one of them.  Loomix is a company that makes vitamin and mineral supplementation (just known as “mineral” around here) for livestock.  I suppose that the previous owners once upon a time had this tub full of mineral.  The livestock probably ate it up and the tub remained.  Sounds fair, right?

Except that they left it upside down.  I found it shortly after we moved here out by the barn.  I was still a city slicker.  Remember that.

“Kevin,” I asked. “What’s that big red thing?  It says ‘X1W007’? What does that mean?”

Update 7/10/17: Apparently since this post starts with an “x” certain spambots have tried to stop this blog from being family friendly.  I have now disabled comments for this post.  

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