The Fallacy Of Locally Grown

What does locally grown mean? Locally grown is an adjective to describe agricultural products that were grown within a close proximity to you.

There is a big push to “support your local farmer” and “eat locally grown”. I am here to tell you it is all a fallacy. Pushing locally grown foods fails to take into account one big fact: the factory farms and the commodities must be locally grown to somebody. Even those farms all have neighbors.

My little isolate little patch of heaven way out west is surrounded by farms that use chemicals. They grow GMOs. They send their cattle to feedlots. So if I consumed “locally grown” what would I really be consuming? I’d be feeding my family the same things that the “eat locally grown” proponents are against.


The Lincoln County Fair featured a booth of local foods. What a good laugh!
Surefine GMO corn flakes? Can we do better than that? Those corn flakes were made of GMO corn that was taken out of the whole commodity system. The cereal was put through an extruder and manufactured someplace far far away. It was then shipped to a warehouse and eventually found itself on a shelf in the supermarket in town. I would say the chance that some of the corn used in that cereal box came from Lincoln County would be like the chance of finding a needle in a hay stack. Can’t we do better than that, Lincoln-County-Fair-booth-putter-togetherers? The truth is that we probably can’t. It’s pathetic, really. It’s the irony of being surrounded by farms and not being able to find anything locally grown. There’s probably some law that all county fairs had to feature some kind of similar booth.  This is sorry.  Even the little “Rocky Mountain Farmers” poster is funny.  Lincoln County is the prairie.  It ain’t no mountain.


I think perhaps the eat locally grown movement needs another name.  I’m not sure what that name should be, but I really think that the name is not appropriate.  Look at Lincoln County…

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