Shouldn’t It Be Called Jarring?

According to my husband, canning should be called jarring, since the food is preserved in jars and not cans.

In this post, I am going to give a little overview of canning.  I am aiming this post (and this whole canning series) to someone like the me of five years ago, the me who has no clue about canning at all.  You may be yawning right now since everybody else in the world has known all of this since they could crawl.

So what exactly is canning?  Canning is storing food in jars.  The food is food that wouldn’t ordinarily keep at room temperature.  When properly processed, you can store your jars just fine at room temperature.

Canning basically involves two steps:
1. Preparing the stuff to go into the jars, preparing the jars and putting the stuff in the jars.
2.  Processing the jars so that they both seal and do not allow bacteria to grow in them.

The reason that canning so hard for someone like me is that I had never prepared food in such a way that it could be jar-worthy.  I had to learn two new things: preparing the food for the jar and processing the jar.  Both of those above steps were new to me.


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