Saturday Smidgen Series, Part Three: April 19, 2014, Late

In the Saturday Smidgen Series, I hope to give you a couple of small smidgen glances into life around our homestead (mostly from this week)…
I had finally found my camera.  Since it had been missing for a few days, there are some days missing in our pictures.


This first picture is actually from last week.  Five kids, a baby goat and our dog is how we roll here on the prairie…

It's really hard to get everyone to look the same way!

It’s really hard to get everyone to look the same way!


On Wednesday, I made a Passion Week Dinner.  I’m not that smart.  I got the idea from the internet.  We had it on Wednesday since I had some appointments on Thursday in suburban Denver and I didn’t want to have treats on Good Friday.  Here you can see that my son doesn’t know how to set the table.  You can also see the Hersey kisses to represent Judas’s betrayal of Jesus, the thirty silver kisses to also represent Judas’s betrayal, eggs to represent Peter’s denial before the crock crowed, salt and vinegar potato chips to represent the vinegar given to Jesus on the Cross, peanut butter and pretzel crosses to represent the Cross, the swords of cheese too represent St. Peter cutting the ear off of the soldier and the Crowns of Thorns.  Yeah, I know that roosters don’t lay eggs and this ain’t gonna help me get into heaven.  I just felt the need to do something to bring this down to the kids’ level.
And also, as an FYI, either I’m doing this all wrong or all-peanut-peanut-butter doesn’t work very well as a “glue” for pretzels.  Perhaps the other blog writers that I stole this idea from used the fake stuff.

Passion Week Dinner

Passion Week Dinner… And yes, even though we finished repainting the exterior of the house in September, that is still painting tape on the outside of the window.


We now have a new “playhouse”, aka water heater box.

I stuck photo editor daisies on here to block out my address.  This IS the internet.

I stuck photo editor daisies on here to block out my address. This IS the internet.


Here is Baby5, just because he’s cute…

Did you notice the oatmeal on his face?

Did you notice the oatmeal on his face?


I made a lamb cake for Easter.  I know it’s corny and I know you can call this a PinterestFail, but I like the idea of eating lamb on Easter.  Except that lamb is super expensive, we have a freezer full of our own organic grass fed meat and we’re not even crazy about lamb.  I also don’t have a lamb cake mold, so this is what I came up with, using some inspiration from Pinterest.  I baked the cake in a bowl, a loaf pan and a 9×13 pan.  The 9×13 pan is the base.  The bowl is the head.  I cut the loaf pan cake into legs, ears and a tail.  I used white cake and white frosting, a whole bag of white marshmallows, a few pink marshmallows from a colored bag and a few chocolate chips.  So it’s not the best, but considering my normal cake wrecks, this came spectacular.  I just don’t normally have the patience or skill to make appealing looking cakes.  I need to take a class or something.  I’m tired of cake wrecks. I actually made two of these.  We brought one to our relatives’ house and the other one is still sitting on the kitchen counter.  We just haven’t had a chance to eat it yet.  That is horrible, I know, but we like our shower more.  In addition to normal Easter stuff, Kevin needed to do an emergency repair on our shower.  We really like indoor plumbing.

I named him Joshua.

I named him Joshua.

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