Saturday Smidgen Series, Part Four: April 26, 2014

In the Saturday Smidgen Series, I offer you a smidgen sized glance at life around our homestead this week.

We started this week off at High Mass.  We went to the Easter Vigil after Kevin got out of work.  We missed the “vigil” part but were on time for the actual Mass.  We had to wait for Kevin to get out of work.  I love High Mass.  We were pretty beat on Easter.  Kevin was off, which was a blessing.  He worked on a an emergency plumbing problem which needed some immediate attention.

Kevin also installed our new oven in the kitchen.  Is it possible to be in love with an oven, in an oven sort of way?  I really really am.  It is a Maytag oven.  It has five burners on the top and a 5.8 cubic foot actual oven.  It’s the biggest cheapest oven I could get.  I am really in love.
My sister also sent us an anniversary present- the cast iron griddle skillet that you see on the right.  And that’s our organic grass fed beef on the skillet on the stove.  I’ve never had a cast iron anything, although it’s been on my wish list forever.  I’m in love with the skillet, the oven and the beef.  Hooray!

I'm in love.

I’m in love.


Tuesday, my son Vince broke one of my Croydon Mattress Factory mugs.  I actually thought they were indestructible.  When I was first on my own, I happened to go to the Echelon Mall for an interview and I happened to also walk into the Croydon Mattress Factory store in the mall.  I happened to fall in love with a futon and put it on layaway.  It took me quite a few months to pay it off.  I was really excited.
“Here is a mug,” the salesman said.  “As a matter of fact, take two mugs.  You’ll need them since you are newly on your own.”
The salesman was right.  At first the mugs were my pride and joy.  They even matched each other.  As I slowly began to acquire “real” mugs, glasses and dishes, I began to, um, not prefer my Croydon Mattress Factory mugs.  I almost hoped they’d break.  Nope.  I moved them to a second apartment in New Jersey and then to Pennsylvania.  In Pennsylvania, I took them to work to keep there.  I didn’t care if they broke.  They never did.  I took them to Colorado.  They never broke here.  Now that I have kids, we break EVERYTHING.  I mean really everything.  But we never broke the Croydon mugs.  Sigh.  I would hand them to toddlers, almost hoping.  Finally this week, Vince broke one.  I didn’t think it could be done and in a way I’m sad about it, which really surprises me.


The Croydon Mattress Factory…

We made Resurrection Rolls for Easter.  They are cinnamon sugary goodness and teach an important lesson about Easter.

Cooking is more fun with toddlers.  Really.

Cooking is more fun with toddlers. Really.

On Friday, I took my kids to Colorado Springs for their regular dental checkup.  Here you can see that they are wearing their new matching shirts, on the grounds of the dentist.  I am in love with Zulily. It is a discount lady’s and kid’s clothes website with some gorgeous gorgeous stuff.  If I had the money for it to be a problem, I could see myself buying way too much on there.  I bought my boys their matching John Deere shirts there and my daughter her canvas shoes.

Have you seen my tractor?

Have you seen my tractor?

I had Vince’s hair cut professionally while we were in Colorado Springs.  It was his first haircut after his surgery.  In a way I was scared to get to cut or cut it ourselves.  But I guess life moves on and hair grows.  If you are new to this blog, you can check out my other blog which tells some of the story of Vince’s recovery from his brain tumor, which was removed in March.

Before and After

Before and After

When we were in Colorado Springs on Friday, we also went to The Home Depot.

They don't have those kid-holder carts anymore!

They don’t have those kid-holder carts anymore!

We’ve been trying to work on a birthing stall for Mouse the pig  and get geared up for the summer.


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